Who we are

Maelstrom is a Dubai based start-up that builds websites, mobile applications and brand identities. We have clients that are individuals, start-ups, SME's and large corporations. We want to work with you, whoever you are.

We exist outside

It's not enough to just be creative anymore. Everyone is trying so hard to stand out and be unique, that they all seem the same. We exist outside the bounds of normal life. We question everything. Maelstrom is not here to compete with anyone else. This is a journey that simply involves striving for excellence.

We look to the future

It's our belief that when people or companies go into business together it should be a long term relationship. We want to help anyone possible, in any way possible, now, next week or any time in the future. Whether that be a design project or a philanthropic venture, we want to do what we can for people.

We are professional

We are ex-professionals turned web developers who have migrated here from the corporate and commercial world. That means we have seen both sides of the spectrum - the creative and the analytic.

Why us We are magicians

Abra Kadabra, your website is done. Well, it's not that simple, but it will feel like that to you. We understand that time is money therefore we work our magic as fast as we possibly can in all of our disciplines.

As magicians, we can also transform. This means our expertise does not just stop at the aesthetics of your website. We easily shape-shift into digital marketing gurus, web analytic nerds and social media marketers. We like to think we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to getting you online.

For our final act, we would like to present to you the latest addition to our suite of hocus pocus: mobile app development. Mobile users are overtaking desktop users at a rapid pace, therefore in this day an age it pays not only to have a mobile responsive website, but to have your own dedicated app as well.

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  • Web Design

    We can create you websites on your favourite content management system (e.g. Wordpress), or a hand coded bespoke website. SEO, Google Analytics, social media account creation and robust web security come as standard.

    Branding and Identity

    Your brand is the most important aspect of your business profile. We don't just give you a logo, we will give you a story.


    We can develop for iOS and Android, regardless of how complicated. Get in touch to hear about our mobile app capabilities.

    Services What we do

    We build stuff. Web Design, brand identities, mobile apps. Our philosophy is to ensure that we are there for our clients at any time.

    Web Design

    Development. Hosting and maintenance set-up. CMS (Wordpress). SEO. Social Media. Web Security.

    Graphic Design

    Logos. Business Cards. Letterheads. Envelopes. Infographics. You name it, we design it.

    App Development

    We are capable of developing robust iOS and Android mobile applications.


    Full brand guidelines. The whole suite. Includes brand essence, logo spacing, color hex codes, typeface directions and more.

    Work Process How We Work

    Here's an insight into our design processes. We hope our clients can be involved with us at every step.

    Da Vinci


    Discuss With Client

    A good brief is everything. We go deep into the whats and whys of your vision for your website. This first step is crucial and we make sure the client is comfortable with our direction before we go into the design stage.


    Creative Concept

    The magic stage. We provide you with examples of what your website could look like, as well as a multitude of options as to its look and feel. Need an online portfolio? A corporate video for a landing page? We digest your brief and translate it into a modern, mobile responsive design.


    Delivery and the Future

    Now that your website is designed, how does it go live? We can organise your hosting, domain, databases and ensure that you are set up with as little hassle as possible. Need ongoing maintenance? We have specifically designed packages that will mean that we will always be by your side.



    Discuss With Client

    Just like a website, a mobile application needs a robust brief in order to ensure your vision is realised. Our app development proposals are extremely thorough, explaining everything from the front end to the back end workings of the app.



    At this stage we create a mock up of the app to simulate what it will look like and how it will work when finished. This is a great way to quickly demonstrate the intricacies of your app.


    Delivery and the Future

    There can be no better feeling than your app going live on the Apple Store or Google Play. We manage this process for you, and going forward manage any updates or bug fixes corresponding to new operating system releases.

    Mona Lisa


    We want to know your story

    Why did you create your company? What is the purpose of your start up? What is your vision and your mission? We will dive into your story in order to ensure that it is told through your brand.


    Design Concepts

    A story can have a thousand endings. That is why we provide you with a multitude of options when it comes to your designs. This is a fun process for us, one which we are eager to share with our clients. And if you're not happy, we will tear it all down and build it again for you.


    The Ending

    Not quite. But once the project is delivered, your brand will speak a thousand words. The brand guidelines are provided in such a way that anyone who reads it in the future will know exactly who you are and what you stand for.

    Want To Join Our Team?

    We aim to break the conventional notion of what a company is by disrupting the traditions of organisational structure and providing autonomy to our employees. We are looking for young, innovative and creatively minded people to join us on our journey. No experience? No matter! We would love to talk to you no matter what.

    Philanthropy We want to give back. Immediately

    One of our core values as a company involves giving back to people less fortunate, in any shape or form. When people think about why they want to go into business, in many instances, but of course not all, the main reason is to make money for themselves. This is also true to us to an extent, but we also want to feel like we are working for more than just ourselves, we want to feel like when we get up every morning we are working for others who are less fortunate.

    We believe in this so strongly. For this reason, we will collect, and eventually donate, up to 2.5% of every project fee we receive from clients to a Dubai based charity, philanthropic organisation or other people in need. We will commit to growing this aspect of our company as we grow in the future ourselves.

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    Address Jewellry & Gemplex 3, DMCC, JLT, Dubai, UAE, PO Box 48800
    Phone Number +971 52 678 4240
    Call +971 4 360 1296

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